Part Gaming. Part Cosplay. All Music.

Super Thrash Bros is an immersive live metal show that takes all your favorite retro Nintendo music and cranks the intensity up to 11! The show is controlled by Master Hand and Crazy Hand, who have pulled the characters straight out of their respective games to perform for you. They also have prizes waiting for any lucky audience members selected to take on the mini-game challenges throughout the show. Anyone who attends a Super Thrash Bros. show can expect to be bombarded by a wave of nostalgia, as they take them on a heavy metal journey through Hyrule Kingdom, the Mushroom Kingdom, and beyond!


Long ago, before the costumes and conventions, the world received a message…

Five answered.

With defective gear and various backgrounds, these five gathered in the lost woods of Warren Grove, NJ. After names were exchanged, and extension cords were run from the house, the work began. Jokes became ideas, ideas became notes, and with patience, notes became songs. After weeks of performing these songs as a party trick for friendly gatherings, the bros considered the humor in playing in costumes at local shows and festivals between their other primary projects. After quickly noticing how positive the responses were, there was a sudden realization among them that with a little discipline and organization, there could be something to this.

The bros took some time to grind their arrangements and goals, and in time, managed to get in contact with a few local game related events and performed for the public. Again and again, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. It was at this point, that the now four current solidified members truly embraced their new identities. Mega Man, Ness, Trainer Red, and the Skull Kid took their act to whoever would listen, and many did. Harsh tones and heavy riffs were heard far and wide, and the “Press Start” demo was recorded at this time. Though eventually, as is the case with all important protagonists and heroes, Red had his own story to attend to.

With the commencing of a truly cool, cool winter, the now trio had found another mischief-maker to fill the large void. Waluigi. With this character now joining the crew, a new golden age began. Bigger shows, more props, and faster songs started to spread the band’s name like wildfire. The trips were getting longer and further from home. Not long after, the group had come across none other than the one and only Master Hand. With this figure acting as the audiences narrator and the group’s voice, the games could finally begin, and the “Master of Buttons” act was finally finished and brought to the studio. Shortly after the album was completed however, Waluigi’s quickly growing meme appearances had launched them to celebrity status and the fame was beginning to take its toll.

With the departure of Waluigi, the bros knew that filling this lead guitar role was not going to be an easy task. With more shows just on the horizon, many challengers approached, but only one came out victorious. In hindsight, one might think that having Sheik on the strings would be only natural, but it has to be understood that this character was notoriously difficult to find. However, all can agree that it was well worth the effort.

A year later, the group was stumbled upon by the one and only Crazy Hand himself. Even in his chaotic state, he knew where he needed to be. On the stage, working with his more composed half, Master Hand. The two together began to cover more ground than either could alone.

It is with wailing riffs, powerful breakdowns, and the ever-growing menu of interactive mini-games, that the Super Thrash Bros bring their story to you and offer you the chance to be a part of the lore…