Part Gaming. Part Cosplay. All Music.

Get ready for a show like no other with Super Thrash Bros! This immersive metal performance brings your favorite games to life, guided by the commanding presence of Master Hand and Crazy Hand. Talented Players 1-4 deliver an electrifying performance, taking you on a mind-blowing journey through familiar worlds. Engage in thrilling mini-games and brace yourself as the nostalgic goosebumps begin to take over.

Who Are They?

Super Thrash Bros. is not your ordinary band. It’s the embodiment of raw nostalgic energy, brought to life by a supernatural force beyond our understanding. The possessed Players 1-4 have been imbued with characters from beyond the television screen, summoned forth by both Master Hand and Crazy Hand.

Their explosive performances have captivated audiences across the US, and their music, infused with a distinct metal style, speaks to fans on a visceral level. But Super Thrash Bros have another trick up their sleeve – their ever-increasing arsenal of mini-games. These games offer a unique experience, test reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and quick thinking, incorporating elements of their gaming universe and musical prowess to create a one-of-a-kind experience.

Together, they form an unstoppable force, a musical entity that is more than just a band or a group of characters. They are a phenomenon, a transcendent force that elevates music and gaming to new heights.